Alumalux Pano 200 x 500 mm

Australian wldlife photographs

in framed Alumalux

Price  $ 195.00

 These Images have been heat infused onto

aluminium metal at 190 c, using a dye sublimation heat process.

This is a new and cutting edge technology which gives a very durable and archival product that is also scratch resistant, weighs very little and looks amazing. 

The image is framed in a solid Tasmanian Oak wood frame 38 x 19 mm profile which is Oak stained and then sealed with a Beeswax polish.

They are ready to hang or you can display them on a bookshelf or mantle piece.  

Alumalux Square 240 x 240 mm

Alumalux Horizontal 300 x 200 mm

Price  $ 145.00

Price  $ 145.00

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